Perth is a city like no other, right on the west coast of Australia, many miles from the nearest large city in the country. Due to this, the city has developed a unique outlook on life and has grown to be regarded as possibly the most picturesque city in the whole of Australia. Not only is the city itself beautiful though, but it also provides a great base for the traveller to explore the whole of the west coast – one of the hidden gems of Australia.

When the first time visitor steps off the plane and enters into Perth, the first thing that they will notice is the distinct lack of people when compared to other large cities. This is one of the main draws to Perth though – the lifestyle is so laid back and the locals don’t tend to rush about like the citizens in other cities. All travelers will soon adjust to this slow pace though and will find themselves taking their time over everything.

The main draw to this city is undoubtedly the beach that lines the coastline – a beach that is regarded as being one of the best in the world. When this is combined with the searing heat that can often hit this city, then the tourist can see why so many people spend the whole day camped out on the beach topping up their tan. Additionally, there are a number of water sports that can be participated in while in Perth, with the most popular being surfing and scuba diving. Although not as famous for these activities as other cities in Australia, Perth definitely has everything needed for these pursuits to be hugely enjoyable.

For those that love to eat, Perth has a number of excellent restaurants, with cuisine from throughout the world represented in the city. The most popular restaurant here is called Annalakshmi, which is a vegetarian curry house overlooking the Swan River. For those on more of a budget though there are numerous smaller eateries and pubs that all serve hearty meals. One shouldn’t forget though that Australians are masters of the barbeque, so try to eat at last one of these on a visit!

For those with kids, then the Aquarium of Western Australia is a great place to keep them amused for a few hours. With the huge amount of sea life that inhabits the waters around this nation, it is no surprise to find that this aquarium is packed full of different creatures – including sharks and stingrays. There is even the chance for those who are more daring to swim with the sharks inside their tank.

Perth also has great nightlife for all those that love to go out and party until the sun comes up. One of the most popular venues is called the Hula Bula Bar and is a Polynesian themed bar that stays open all night long. Although many visitors will find the price of drinks in Australia to be rather high, this is more than made up for by the friendly locals and the fact that most people have the best night of their lives here!

Most people go to Perth as part of a trip around Australia and even though it is miles from anywhere else, it is an absolute must see when in this country. Most planes flying to Perth come from other major Australian cities, or alternatively one can get there by train.

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