Excess Baggage Creates Havoc at Airports

There was a time when travelling at home or abroad wasn’t as confusing or expensive as it now is. Most airlines would charge a nominal fee for each piece of extra baggage which was quite convenient for travellers going on extended stays away from home. Unfortunately, those days are long gone and trying to check in excess baggage has become a real nightmare. Most airlines now have a per-passenger maximum and the cost of checking in each extra item has literally gone through the roof.

Anyone travelling at home or abroad might want to know that there are excess baggage companies that can take on the responsibility of shipping those extra pieces of luggage and shipping cartons, and more often than not, at much less the cost! Robinsons 1StopShip not only provides excess baggage shipping but will also provide shipping cartons and help you pack as well. Simply schedule delivery of your shipping cartons and professional packers will be at your door to help carefully pack items to be safely transported to a Robinsons 1StopShip storage facility until they are to be shipped.

It is actually quite common for UK travellers to carry along excess baggage when visiting family abroad or temporarily relocating to one of their company’s facilities in another country. The move may not be permanent, but lengthy enough to require bringing extra items to make the stay more comfortable. Instead of worrying how much you can take along or how you will pack it, let the shipping pro from Robinsons 1StopShip help you select and pack the correct size shipping carton so that everything can be safely transported.

In fact, for a limited time shipping cartons are available at no charge when using the excess baggage services of Robinsons 1StopShip. Whether travelling for pleasure or business, there is no need to fuss about how you will bring along more than your airline allows. Excess baggage may create havoc at airports, but it is never a problem for the two-time EMMA award winning team at Robinsons 1StopShip.

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